Online Game Design for Beginners

Choosing Your Game Engine

Choosing your first game engine is a touch task. Lets start by listing the more popular and known ones:

And lots more however those two are the most known to gamers and game designers.

The best way to start yourself in any topic including game design is to start at the bottom. The more basic games can be extremely popular. I’ve found myself that many of today’s newer game engines are a lot like some basic ones you can get today.

Game Maker 8 starting interface

Game Maker 8 is a basic but 3gadis login extremely useful game design engine that can teach you basics from tutorials, and even drag ‘n drop icons. From their you can get into advanced coding and scripting. But this well lead you onward in your game design journey. Although the choice is yours for other starting engines, this engine is an excellent preview of what your wanting to do.

Starting from scratch

Now that you have chosen your game engine you can start to learn how to use it. If your new to game design everything well seem pretty overwhelming. Do not fret though, there is many different ways to learn game design. If you have chosen game maker 8 than I welcome you to try it out as I explain things.

If you’ve read all this so far and expect that in 1 or more years time you well be able to make something like “Halo” then I am sorry to inform you that you are wrong. The picture above is a recent addition to the game maker 8 site yoyogames it clearly shows the approximate highest point you well get in game maker. However this is only an approximate and remember learning to do the above in game maker could lead to working on Activision’s “Call of Duty” franchise or other games out to date. But your gonna start as a beginner, and soon you might just make yourself known in the online gaming community.