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Larry Mischle Caterer Extraordinaire No Ka ‘Oi

The foundation of our dream come true wedding on Maui was comprised of two arduous years in the making and was carefully planned with meticulous precision to every detail. When it came to making the final selection for our caterer, Larry Mischle and his expert staff easily stood out amongst the rest.

Mr. Mischle’s professional business code of conduct and over the top generosity blended seamlessly with his pleasantly humorous character and heartfelt Aloha Spirit. In addition, his outstanding expertise and superior customer service was a vital attribute that ensured the highest level of quality and success went into making our special day perfect.

Each of our family members and friends concurred; Larry and his staff sincerely treated them like they were Ali’i Ohana (Royal Family)! Regarding Larry’s 28 piece Luau dancers… they not only left everyone in attendance in awe, they far exceeded our expectations and were the perfect ending to our perfect Hawaiian wedding.

and their personal thank you to Larry...

Aloha Larry,

Darrell and I hope that you and Arlene are doing well. We had a wonderful evening with you both as well as Bruce and Kolleen, thank you for that! Hard to believe our almost month stay on Maui has come and gone. What an incredible time we had. Our wedding was that of a fairy tale and we thank you again for all you did from beginning to end to help achieve us in making that happen!

We have compiled a testimonial below for you. Do you need or want any photos? If so, what kind are you looking for to go along with this?

We are looking forward to our return visit next year to celebrate our 1 year anniversary on beautiful Maui. Also to visit with you, our new friends and our old friends too. Until then, take good care and keep in touch.

With warm aloha,
Pam & Darrell
Dear Larry,

Well we are back in snowy Colorado and missing Maui terribly. We want to thank you so much for a wonderful dinner and what a romantic experience for our first activity on Maui. The setting was unbelievable, the food was wonderful, the service was perfect, and Michelle was a true delight. We enjoyed ourselves immensely, it was over before we were ready.

We were speaking with Connie at The Whaler who did all of the outside activities for us and we gave her your magazine to look at and gave her your name and number. She said she was going to call you so she can use you to offer the dinner on the beach to the guests. We told her what a wonderful time we had, so hopefully you will get a call from her and some more business.

We tried to take the water bottles you gave us on the plane and they took them from us. Could you send us 2 empty bottles (will cut the cost for postage) with the Just Mauied labels on them? We were really upset but they wouldn't even let us dump the water out.

Again, thank you for the wonderful evening.
Jill and Doug Withers.

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Greetings from Navarre, Florida.

I can't even begin to explain how well our dinner went! Everything went off without a hitch. We started out the evening by arriving at the park "to watch the sunset". We walked right by the table and Meaghan had commented on how cute of an idea it was. (Little did she know the table was for her) After I proposed and told her that the table was for us, she told me that she "secretly wished the table was for her, but thought it was for a couple we saw sitting nearby". It was truly the most perfect Maui engagement. I am so grateful to all the help you were able to provide on our first trip to Hawaii. I have already recommended your company to all of my friends and acquaintances. We can't help but brag to all of our friends about the amazing time we had and the professional, friendly service that you were able to provide.

Ken was such an amazing host and chef! Both Meaghan and myself were blown away by the presentation, location, and truly sincere attitude that Ken presented that gorgeous Saturday evening. He was just as much a friend as he was a gourmet chef. He was able to laugh with us and entertain while he cooked a magnificent meal. Of all the steak houses and fine dining establishments that we've visited over the years, never in our lives have we ever had such an amazing meal. From the appetizers to the dessert, we were completely blown away by the taste as well as the presentation of all four courses. It was incredibly apparent that he knows what he's doing and he loves doing it. I was worried that it would be a little awkward having "some guy" stand there and watch us as we ate. I couldn't have been any further from the truth. He was an amazing host and we both loved his company. I speak for the both of us when I say that we both walked away feeling like we had made a true friend and we loved every minute of our trip.

I really want you to know that I am truly amazed by all that you did. You made everything so easy, and all the pieces of the puzzle fell right into place. Thank you so much! This is definitely something that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. We will be telling people about this and recommending your company to everybody that we talk to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very Respectfully,
Vince & Meaghan

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Dear Larry,

We are finally back from our fantastic honeymoon. I just wanted to drop you a line and really thank you for everything. Our wedding was better than either of us imagined it would be, and our guests absolutely loved every minute of it. The luau entertainment was fabulous! I’m so glad we decided to do the full package. I have NEVER seen my father shake his booty like he did when one of the dancers brought him out to dance. If nothing else, I will never forget that scene!! Those tiny little dancers were the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.

Thank you so much for taking the time out to take us shopping for alcohol (and for letting me pay you back later for it!!) The food was great, and the serving staff was so friendly! Please thank Junior for the care of our friends, they seemed to all have had a really great time, even after the wedding, and that was certainly a service we we’re counting on.

Both our families and all of our friends really had the time of their lives. Then next night at dinner, my relatives were all saying that it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and that people would be talking about it for years to come. I know Akinori and I will NEVER forget one moment of the night. It was all so magical and amazing.

Thanks also for all of the extra stuff too, like accepting all of the packages that we had sent over and then bringing them to us. You and your staff were just amazing!

Thank you again for everything!
All the best,
Brenda and Akinori Kaneta

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Hi Larry,

We have only been home a few days and can't wait to return to paradise. We can't thank you enough for the wonderful dinner that you cooked for us.

Everyone raved about the brisket that you made. You helped make this a wedding to remember and the Fairmont Kei Lani followed with a beautiful ceremony and dinner. I have already spoken to Stephanie and told her how pleased we were with your dinner.

Keep up the fantastic catering.

Myra and Burt Litvack

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Dear Larry,

It was such a pleasure for us both to meet you at our wedding. Your island is truly filled with love and magic and that wonderful Aloha.

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much it meant to be able to meet you at the wedding and to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Everything was PERFECT! The food was delicious and how you managed to provide a server from my hometown is quite beyond me! I grew up in Greenwood, Mississippi for goodness sakes! But it was such a lovely discovery. And the reception site you recommended was even more beautiful than your description! Thanks for not letting me talk myself out of it!

The unexpected upgrade to servers was a lovely surprise. They were wonderful. After the reception the lady came up to me and actually thanked me for letting her serve at the wedding reception remarking how much she enjoyed the energy around the table. I think, also, perhaps she enjoyed hearing accents from back home. They fit in marvelously...unobtrusive and yet very much a part of the celebration. Amazing.

Introducing me to Marie was a stroke of brilliance for which I will be forever grateful! Such energy in such a tiny package! She has asked me to consider joining the Maui Wedding Association and providing her with cake stands for her clients. An option I am seriously considering since I would dearly love to keep my connection with the island. I will have to look into what membership entails. I am currently doing a mock-up of a fantasy castle cake stand for her to look at. I love doing that stuff!

We began to miss the peace and tranquility of your island the moment we were in the air and have decided that even a revisit on our 5th anniversary is WAY too long to wait!

Thanks again for the most marvelous wedding celebration we could have imagined!

Allison and Bob Wolff

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Aloha Larry,

Thank you so much for making our ceremony and reception such an amazing experience. Our guests were blown away by the setting and decorations, raving that it was the most beautiful and touching ceremony they had ever been a part of.

You handled all of our needs so we could enjoy our fantastic day. Thank you for taking such good care. It was truly one of the best days of our lives.

Keoni and David

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